Better SPIN than break

HAWKEYE KNOB will protect your sound
with the most simplest and practical way
in guitar history.

meaning ,no more duct tape


The side of the knob will “SPIN” when touched accidentaly



Lift & tweak

How to use (turn knob)? Check out our PV (56sec)

Fits almost every pedal

Can I use it with my pedals?

HAWKEYE KNOB has the same diameter as commonly used φ3/4inch knobs and can be installed to both 1/4in (6.4mm)
and 6mm pot shafts. HAWKEYE KNOB can not be installed to pedals which has not enough distance between two knobs.
Pedals using 1/2in(12.6mm) or 14mm knobs often have no space for 3/4in knobs.



Why was HAWKEYE KNOB born?

I just want to play more.


We believe music gives power to people.
To make music we need special tools such as guitars amps and effect petals.
The tools we use are all controlled by knobs. The knobs are underestimated
considering what they are responsible for and because of that, knobs hasn't
developed for a long time.Knobs protect your sound. But they are a little unreliable.

Beatwalk Inc has reinvented the knob.
We will make your efxboard and guitar experiences proud & secure
then it was ever been before.

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